Unhappy Hipsters

Have you ever been flipping through Dwell magazine and come upon a spread about an awesome space and the über hip couple in their early 30s who lives there? 

I have…and frankly, it makes me feel bad about myself.  Why am I not that cool or hip?  I think I have hipster envy!

My new favorite blog, Unhappy Hipsters – It’s Lonely In The Modern World, takes these images and pairs them with comments that are an endearing mix of satire, irony and truth.

It’s time to stop writing and show you some of my favorite posts…

The armchairs had gathered to warn her. But alas, the ferns were already in formation.

(Photo: Jessica Antola; Dwell)

Dour was their motto. (Punctuated by strategic shades of orange.)

(Photo:Dominic Bradbury; Dwell)

As he sorted the 1970s atlas collection (alphabetically, by state) the chair nervously tried to blend into the scenery. 

(Photo: Misha Gravenor; Dwell)

With her eyes closed, water tickling the tips of her fingers, she could conjure memories of a time before the bomb, before the zombies.

(Photo: Daniel Hennessy; Dwell, June 05)

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