Something exciting is headed your way faithful Allsop Home & Garden followers.  Starting this Wednesday, we are launching our WILD WEDNESDAY super mystery sale extravaganza.  Who doesn’t love #1 a mystery, and #2 a sale!  Combine them both and you get WILD WEDNESDAYS!  Each week on Wednesday, (hence the name WILD WEDNESDAY) head over to our website and search our products for our WILD WEDNESDAY logo.WILD WEDNESDAYS

This bad boy designates our WILD WEDNESDAY mystery item and means…wait for it…its on sale!  Special mystery sale items will be on sale for only one day, sale ends 5:00pm MST, and are availbe while supplies last!

Now I know you are not going to want to miss our special sale items each week so why not sign up for our email mailing list.  Each week you will get a direct link to the sale item.  Get WILD!!