Daily Grommet!

I don’t know if you know this, but there are a lot of amazing websites out there on the world wide web.  We are talking a plethora!  A revolutionary observation I know it.  But as a growing company, it can be tedious finding just the right site that fits our brand, lifestyle, world view.  That’s why it is incredibly exciting to announce we will be featured on Daily Grommet.

What’s Daily Grommet you say???  Well, according to their fab website:

Daily Grommet is the birthplace of Citizen Commerce.

We believe every purchase amplifies something in the world, good, bad or indifferent. At Daily Grommet we’re creating a place for people who want their purchases to have meaning — to support what matters most to them: whether it’s technical innovation, green or social enterprises, the creation of jobs, domestic manufacturing, or the preservation of craft.

Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?  So the scoop is, each day they launch an “inventive” product.  Allsop Home & Garden will get the chance to shine this Friday starting at noon Eastern Time.  That’s this Friday 6/24/11 at noon.  Mark it on your calendars, set a reminder, get excited.  And! Get this, for a four hour period on Friday you will get the chance to “live-chat” with our amazing President, Jamey Allsop.  Now that is exciting!  Our amazing products will be featured/spotlighted this Friday through Monday.  But not to worry, in case you miss it, you will be able to find our products on their site long after.  

So check it out and let us know what you think!

Golf Clubs, Electronics, Ties, Oh My

I once picked out a larger than life pink paisley teal tie for my dad for Father’s Day.  This fine specimen of the early 90’s was bright, bold, and exactly what I thought my dad needed for his business trips.  Each trip thereafter he managed to pack this beaut in his tie case.  To this day, I vividly remember noticing it tucked in between the other more subdued ties and thinking, wow Dad totally loved that tie, he takes it on every trip, rad.  Looking back, I’m doubtful he actually ever wore it (dear lord, I hope not), but he made sure that I always saw it packed in his suitcase.  The memory is such a sweet one – it’s amazing what we carry with us from our childhood.  It’s a good reminder to be kind to your kids, they remember EVERYTHING!

It’s hard to buy for Dads for Father’s Day – at least I have always thought so.  Mine always seems to have everything he needs and thinking of something unique, unusual, useful seems daunting.  Queue the WheelEasy – yes, this is totally the part where I write a shameless plug for our products – but here is the deal, the thing is awesome, your dad will love it.  Just this weekend I watched my dad struggle with a huge standard wheelbarrow.  The thing looked so cumbersome and back-breaking, all I could think about was how easy our WheelEasy is to maneuver.  Father’s day is June 19th.  So this year, forgo the ties, the electronics, the golf clubs – go straight for the WheelEasy.  The unique canvas barrow comes in two different sizes and I can pretty much guarantee that your dad won’t need to pretend to like it!  Need more info – check it here.