Oh Say Can You See…

My grandpa is 91.  He and my grandma still live in the same house that my mama grew up in and he’s sharp as a tack.  He’s also a hero – a real life one.  He is one of very few Pearl Harbor Survivors left to tell their tale.  He doesn’t speak about it often, but the stories I have heard are tragic, heroic, and real.  It was on a recent trip to visit them that a light went off in my head (I’m sure it was a solar-powered led light ). 

Memorial Day is this weekend.  This means…the unofficial start to summer, the ok to wear white shoes, a day off from work, oh and not to mention…the commemoration of all those US soldiers who have died protecting our freedom.   You see, I almost forgot.  I’ll admit it, I was seriously caught up in the weekend get-togethers/BBQ’s/time off/all that Memorial Day weekend entails.  And then I had my light bulb moment.  

On my recent trip to visit my grands, my grandpa gave my mom a flag flown aboard the USS Arizona.  It flew over the actual ship while it was in commission, not the memorial, the actual ship, before it sunk with many men trapped inside during the attack on Pearl Harbor.  This beautiful piece of art/history/memorial knocked me upside the head.  Ya, Memorial Day Weekend is all about the BBQ’s and start of summer – but for the love, it also holds a lot more meaning.  This year, I’ll be knocking back a cold one in honor of all those who sacrificed for my freedom.

So if perhaps this got you thinking, how can I pep up my Memorial Day BBQ with some patriotic panache?  Well good news, our Soji Original Solar Lanterns  just so happen to come in Red, White, and Blue.  Why not honor those we have lost in style!

Happy Memorial Day from Allsop Home & Garden!