Oh Mama – How I Love Thee

My mama is amazing, beautiful, the incarnation of pure love.  Seriously, I had warm cookies waiting for me after school – I totally lucked out.  Its ok, I know…your mom is amazing too. Oddly enough, I’m pretty sure this is the exact reason there is a full day dedicated to them.  Moms are amazing, let’s be honest, they deserve a day to be celebrated.

I recently became a mom and its tough, tough I tell ya.  Every day I worry about what I may or may not be doing right.  Hopefully, not too much damage is being done and the therapy bills will be light in the years to come.  But what this first year of being a mom has taught me is that every mom does the best they can in every moment with the tools they were given.  

Mother’s Day is May 8th.  So yes, this a gentle reminder, a nudge, to pick up the phone, send a card, or even better send a little gift to brighten her day.  Need a suggestion – I”ll make it easy for you.  Check out our Mother’s Day Gift Guide below. 


Earth Day!

Earth Day is next week – Friday, April 22nd to be exact!  Snuck up on ya, didn’t it.  I will admit, I hadn’t given it much thought until I noticed it highlighted on my calendar.  Which made me start to think about what exactly Earth Day entails and how best I can honor our “Mother Earth”.  Here are some fun facts to ponder:

  • Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970
  • 1billion people are expected to celebrate Earth Day this year – all over the world
  • For every tonne of paper recycled, 17 trees are saved
  • It takes glass 1million years to decompose in a landfill
  • LED lights only utilize about 20% of the power of incandescent bulbs 

It may not hold celebrity status as a holiday, but we here at Allsop Home & Garden think it’s a day worth celebrating.  And how better to celebrate than with solar powered illumination and recycled glass! 

Check out our Recycled Glass Solar Art – hand blown glass, kiln fired with remnants of recycled glass bottles. 

Recycled Glass Solar Art - Available in Ocean and Earth

Why not also take a gander at our other Solar Garden Art – including our Soji Original Lanterns and our new Solar Tea Lantern – all illuminated by the power of the sun. 

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Celebrate Earth Day illuminated!