Matt + Meghan and little Mid Century Modern wonders

Several weeks ago I had the privilege to attend a close friends’ wedding in Palm Dessert.  The locale could not have fit the bride and  groom better- a mid century mod hideaway called The Mojave Inn.  Everything about this place is perfect and OH SO MOD! The rooms have been completely refurbished to reflect their original design and detail both inside and out! Taking over the 18 room hotel, friends of the bride and groom basked by the pool and enjoyed a cocktail or two while watching the surroundings transform into a glamorous, bright and elegant wedding scene. Part of this transformation was the set up of the “lighting” for the affair a magical 20 Soji Modern solar lanterns! The groom ingeniously rigged a tension wire strung 20 feet in the air and utilized four indigenous palm trees on the property to secure the line. This is undoubtedly the best set up for Soji hanging I have ever seen! Over the course of the days before the wedding, we opened the Soji Moderns from their packaging and lay them in the sun to be sure that they were fully charged to glow at full strength on the big day.  After tying each lantern with blue ribbon at varying heights, the tension wire was lowered and we attached the lanterns to the line creating a “Soji chandelier” as a focal point for the bride and grooms first dance.

swaying beneath the sweetest glow...

Fast forward to wedding day. The sun is setting, music floating over the dance floor and Matt and Meghan are swaying to the beat of “their first dance.”  Steadily each lantern is turning itself on, casting a beautiful warm golden glow on the bride, groom and friends below.  As darkness falls the glow from the lanterns becomes stronger, brighter until finally the wedding and all guests are basking solely beneath the shine of our own mid-century modern inspired wonders- Soji Modern solar lanterns everywhere!

All images courtesy of Hillary Maybery Photography