Color Options!

One thing I noticed at the Garden Tradeshows I attended earlier this year was the color options! It was so happy and cheery! Everywhere I looked you could find your basic outdoor tools in any color you wanted. Now that the local gardening shops in my area are opening up and its time to start planting, I’m noticing this trend made its way to the stores. It makes me smile… and I have to think that during these hard economic times that we’ve been going through, if something makes you smile and is a useful tool you need as well¬†– then great! Buy it! ūüôā Do you need a watering can, a hose, a tomato cage, a garden fence, gardening gloves, pots… you name it… you can have… the tough decision lies in what COLOR you want! And really, that’s a great dilema to have in my oppinion. Look at these fun options:

Dramm started it all for me years ago with their hoses.

But then this weekend I got to see their hose sprayers, sprinklers and watering cans too! How fun!

I do wish I owned a home so I could justify purchasing a hose and sprinkler! I guess I’ll keep it simple and stick to the watering can for my deck pots.

Here are some fun eco friendly and colorful pot that I found online at NYBG Shop:

And how can you not love these retro style Bullet Planter:


Color is even offered in your gardening gloves – plant in fashion!

Atlas Gloves are pretty great in my oppinion, the fit is great – as if¬†I wasn’t even wearing the gloves! I am not an expert on gloves, but I believe it has to do with their ‘palm dipped’ glove technique/application.

Now here’s a little gem I stumbled upon – talk about jazzing up your tool lines! Alice Supply Co offers everything from hoses to hammer to plungers to trowels! And not your standard tools… but these little household gems are jazzed up in all sorts of fun color pallets and patterns!

Here is my personal favorite thing being offered this season – and for me, they are the HOT NEW thing for color options in your garden – or in my case, on my deck (credit miguel)! Here’s a fun selection of colorful tools from Glamos:

I hope you are all as inspired by these fun bright summer color options as I am! And of course, I can’t resist throwing this fun picture into the mix – courtesy of Allsop Home & Garden!

Unhappy Hipsters

Have you ever been flipping through Dwell magazine and come upon a spread about¬†an awesome space and the¬†√ľber¬†hip couple in their early 30s who lives there?¬†

I have…and frankly, it makes me feel bad about myself.¬† Why am I¬†not that cool or hip?¬† I think I have hipster envy!

My new favorite blog, Unhappy Hipsters¬†– It’s Lonely In The Modern World,¬†takes these images¬†and pairs them with¬†comments that are an endearing mix of satire, irony and truth.

It’s time to stop writing and show you some of my favorite posts…

The armchairs had gathered to warn her. But alas, the ferns were already in formation.

(Photo: Jessica Antola; Dwell)

Dour was their motto. (Punctuated by strategic shades of orange.)

(Photo:Dominic Bradbury; Dwell)

As he sorted the 1970s atlas collection (alphabetically, by state) the chair nervously tried to blend into the scenery. 

(Photo: Misha Gravenor; Dwell)

With her eyes closed, water tickling the tips of her fingers, she could conjure memories of a time before the bomb, before the zombies.

(Photo: Daniel Hennessy; Dwell, June 05)

Furry Friends

There are four of us who work in the Allsop Home & Garden home office…and we each have a furry canine friend that comes to work with us.¬† Finn, Natty,¬†Lily and our newest addition, Duncan,¬†love spending time in the office.¬†¬†¬†










We love these crazy little guys, and here are some of our favorite pet products:  

1.¬† Lani, Dig Your DogLani offers products for your dog and home¬†in three ‘experiences’: beach, park and woods.¬†¬†We¬†love their¬†line…it has helped us¬†fight off the¬†nasty wet dog smell that lingers in the office after our furry friends¬†return from a hike or skate ski.¬† Spritz¬†your wet dog¬†with some¬†coat spray and light a¬†candle in a matching scent – problem solved!¬†¬†


¬†2. Up Country¬†–¬† Lily, Duncan, Finn and Natty all sport collars from¬†Up Country.¬† With hundreds of ribbon prints to choose from, they have collars for every taste/season/event.¬† Here are some of my favorite prints:¬†¬†




3.¬† Taxi Dog Bakery¬†– Dog cookies that look like¬†human cookies!¬†¬†What dog wouldn’t be stoked on this?¬† The princess set is Lily’s favorite. ¬†Sold at: Homegrown Dog.¬†¬†¬†